Clark sat-1 AMBITIOUS

「Clark sat-1 “AMBITIOUS”」
Space Education Project
Launching the satellite with “dream, chalenge, and achieve” for space of high school students who has engaged in the develping process of the satellite.

After the launch, students will actively particpated in the operational process of the satellite as well. Clark Memorial International High School would like students to get more interested in the space and develop their own non-cognitive skills through the missions.

Also, the school would like to develop tufure leaders who can consider various issues based on the global point of view.

Satellite’s basic specifications

Satellite’s NameAMBITIOUS
Missions(1) Taking pictures of global environment
(2) Receiving the loaded sound and illustration data from the satellite
Call signJS1YLT
number of radio frequency435.13MHz
ModeCW Beacon, Optical Camera pictorial image (GMSK 4800bps), Digitalker sound (FM), DigitalkerSSTV (FM)
Orbit Inclination angle51.6°
Orbital period93 minutes
Altitude of the perigee410km
Altitude of the apogee419km
Type of orbitCircular orbit (ISS emission)

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